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OpenGTM gives revenue pros the insights, predictions, and guidance necessary to experience a world where winning is predictable.

How it works



ML models trained to be your GTM guide

ML-powered customer persona discovery and ranked attributes — created to measure pipeline health and predict revenue attainment.

Customer persona fit attributes
Ideal customer discovery

Customer persona discovery

Make sense of your CRM data with the unique lens of customer personas and explore the key attributes driving wins for your team.

Ideal customer discovery

Ranked customer persona attributes

Discover your most prominent customer personas and their leading indicators for revenue engagement with your company.

Ideal customer discovery

Your GTM growth cheat sheet

Use the ML-generated customer personas to inform deal reviews, revenue forecasts, deal next steps, product roadmaps, and other essential growth-focused processes.



Get to the real of your deals with AI

Opportunity health data for ICs and teams, powered by your customer personas — producing fit scores, amount predictions, close date predictions, and propensity to win indicators.

Ideal customer discovery

Data-backed view of the best deals

Rank your sales opportunities automatically with customer persona fit scores. Invest your time in those showing the highest probability of winning. Move on from the others.

Ideal customer discovery

Multiple drivers of deal health

Triangulate the automated customer persona fit scores, propensity to win scores, predicted close dates, and predicted amounts to get a true sense of deal health and winnability.

Ideal customer discovery

Team and company alignment

Ensure each IC, manager, and leader understands the true drivers of strong-fit deals (and poor-fit ones) based on data and not on hunches.

Pipeline management



Predictable winning made easy

Customer personas influence winning pipeline like few other ML-powered insights can. Gone are the days of relying solely on activity data to inform your pipeline health.

Predictive forecast
Ideal customer discovery

No analysts or studies required

Your days of relying on analysts or expensive studies to determine your customer personas are over. This intel is near-instant and, when applied to active deals, is gold.

Ideal customer discovery

Accurate forecasts, automated

Instantly know any deal’s propensity to win, predicted close date, predicted amount, and customer persona fit score. No waiting, no worries.

Ideal customer discovery

Deal gap analysis, simplified

See how any deal stacks up against your customer personas and know how to close opportunities with confidence or eject deals with haste.